The New World: Quebec!


VIP Adventure welcomes you to the beautiful province of Québec, home of the oldest European settlement in North America, dating way back to the 16th century.   


Although most of the 8 million people of the predominantly French-speaking population live in the southern region of the province, geographically, Québec is immense. Its 1.5 million square kilometers are three times the size of France and five times that of Japan.  


With pleasant summer temperatures in the mid-20 degrees C, you'll travel on a historic route taken by early settlers and pioneers of the New World. In 1534 you would have had to use canoes and horses, but this time around, you're on a Can-Am Spyder!

Something for Everyone

From the vibrant city of Montreal to the picturesque pastures and fields of the Eastern Townships, to the breathtaking scenery of Tadoussac, everywhere you'll be greeted with the same warmth and hospitality for which Quebecers are famous. We're in luck since, after the long winter season, the entire province heads outdoors and holds ongoing festivities. Nature lovers will be in awe, the culture buffs won't be able to rest, and the gourmet foodies, well, they should preemptively get a bigger pair of pants!


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Outside of the cities, the gently rolling hills of the countryside, the thick forests, and numerous farms will leave you spellbound.  Traveling through the forested spaces, you'll notice, with amusement, roadside signs indicating that wildlife such as moose and deer have the right of way to cross roads and highways. Expect to hear a multitude of bird songs and see small animals everywhere, species from groundhogs to raccoons maybe even the occasional beaver

Whale Watching

The region of Tadoussac boosts the most accessible whale watching experience in the world. Humpback, Blue, Minke Whale and ten other species of whales swim through these waters, and we're headed there to take a look!


To get there, you'll travel on an incredibly scenic route, and have to cross the mighty Saint Lawrence River on a ferry. The river is some 20 km wide in parts, and whale enthusiasts have been able to spot these magnificent creatures from the ship and sometimes from the shore.

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The ultimate experience is to get onboard one of the specialized whale-watching boats that go to the areas where the animals have been known to hang out. Traveling through this part of the province offers many breathtaking views of the river that will leave you speechless.

Visit Through Time

Now we're in the region's cultural heartland, Old Québec City. This area dates back to 1608 and was known at the time as New France. The old city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is essentially an open-air museum.

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Here is where you see the last remaining fortified city in North America, the ramparts of which were built way back in 1820.

As you have a relaxed stroll down the narrow cobblestone streets of the Petit Champlain district, you'll notice that the stone architecture of the bistros, boutiques, and restaurants is distinctly old-world Europe and have a fairy tale like appearance. Aside from the beautiful surroundings, if you like people watching, shopping, or eating, then this area is a must.

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Another must-do is a visit to the three-century-old military fortification called La Citadelle and soaking up the many views of the majestic Chateau Frontenac. Maybe we'll be lucky and be able to take in an open-air concert on the historic Plains of Abraham, a battlefield from 1759.

Summertime Festivities

We're entering Montreal. The city is the largest metropolitan city in Québec and home to roughly 3.5 million people. There are a myriad of free outdoor summer festivals (Jazz Fest, Just for Laughs, Fireworks, etc.), art museums, and, for the foodie in you, an extensive selection of restaurants, everything from fine dining serving cuisine from around the world to quick and straightforward diner style. If you are looking for a dining extravaganza, Montreal is the place to be.

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No visit to this beautiful province is complete without trying some traditional regional comfort food. A must is poutine, best described as french fries, topped with a freshly produced cheese with a heated sauce poured over. Other delights include tourtiere, smoked meat, great Montreal bagels and, for dessert, a pudding chomeur. You can stop counting the calories; you'll want to try it all!


Québec is unforgettable!

Montreal, Old Québec City, and Tadoussac are part of the VIP Adventure expedition: Explore Québec: The Birthplace of North America on Can-Am Spyder. Drop us a line to reserve this or any of our other small-group expeditions.