The Amazon River Estuary

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

VIP Adventure takes you into the awe-inspiring Marajó Archipelago of the iconic Amazon River, where the river’s fresh waters rush into the Atlantic Ocean resulting in a mindblowing variety of exotic animal and plant species. A visit here is a must for the curious and adventurous!

With average temperatures of 30°C, Sea-Doo and hiking are no doubt the best ways to discover and experience this tropical region made of thousands of islands, interwoven rivers, and archipelagos. This is where you find Marajó Island, the largest river island in the world where a constant cacophony of tropical birds chirping constitutes the soundtrack of its vast savannas, lush palm forests, dense jungle, bamboo thickets, and isolated beaches.

The curious and adventurous will find satisfaction as they get to taste the wonderfully rich local Brazilian food with intense and vivid flavors unlike any of the country's other regional cuisines. They will also get to explore the music and art of this sparsely populated island.  With a population of only 400 000 people for 48 000 square kilometers (an area larger than Switzerland), the island is home to many water buffalo and cattle ranches, and head counts exceed 450 000.

Back on the water, within the estuary is where the battle of the Amazon’s mineral-laden fresh water and the Atlantic’s saltwater tides plays out. The struggle between the flow and counterflow gives rise to the gigantic and unique biodiverse ecosystem. Many of its species cannot be found anywhere else but here, such as the endangered Manatee, also known as sea cows.

The largest populations of water buffalo in Brazil can also be found here. So prevalent are these buffalo that police patrol not on horseback but on buffalo!  These huge animals also serve as transport for locals and wagon-pullers. Some of the more impressive and exotic species within the archipelago include dolphins, alligators, giant bass, piranhas, iguanas, butterflies, flocks of colorful wading birds (540 species of birds)... the list goes on... You probably will never encounter so much natural wildlife in one area.

The Marajó Archipelago is Mother Nature at her finest and is a must-see.

The Marajó Archipelago and the island of Marajó are part of the

VIP Adventure expedition: Explore the Amazon on Sea-Doo. Drop us a line if you’d like more information about this or any of our other small-group expeditions.

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