Terms & Conditions of Purchase

1. Rates are quoted in U.S dollars. Rates do not include taxes. Taxes will be added where taxes are applicable.

2. Rates shown are for your reservation of 4 vehicles with accommodations for your private group. Rates will vary should you require more than 4 vehicles or less than 4 vehicles.

3. Rates do not include flights. It is the responsibility of the guests to reserve his or her own flights according the agenda of the trip. Guests are responsible to ensure that their flights match with that of their VIP Adventure itinerary.

4. Rates do not include meals.

5. Prices advertised are valid if you purchase services during the same session. If you log off, prices may be different the next time you log on to our website.


6. Payments for Reservations and booking - A 40% deposit is required upon reservation or booking. The remaining 60% is due 30 days prior to the start date of the VIP Adventure itinerary.


7. Payment methods - VIP Adventures offers guests to make payments through PAYPAL XOOM.


8. Cancellation of booking policy- Should you wish to cancel your booking, whatever the cause, you will be charged a fee as follows:

  • 30 or more days prior to start - 100% of deposit.

  • 29 days or less - 100% of total cost.


9. Security and Safety:  VIP Adventure itineraries may be modified depending on weather, riding conditions, and other security issues.


10. Insurance coverage is advised. VIP Adventure advises all guests to purchase traveler insurance in case of travel interruption, accidents, illness, or anything else that may occur. Costs for items such as emergency medical, evacuation and repatriation expenses will be at the expense of the guest. It is therefore highly recommended that guests have insurance coverage.

11. Some destination require vaccination.  eg: yellow fever vaccination required for Explore the Amazon.  It is the guests responsibility to ensure they have all required vaccinations for the destination. Guests should consult a physician to determine which vaccinations they require.

12. It is the responsibility of the guests to let VIP Adventure know, prior to purchase of their trip, if they have any medical or personal condition that may affect their or others safety or their ability to fully participate to the  adventure.


13. Liability waiver. VIP Adventure does its best to ensure your safety and enjoyment during the tour. However, powersports involves risk. When participating in  a VIP Adventure experience guests are not insured by VIP Adventure. Guests agree to be fully responsible of the risks of personal injury to themselves or injury they may cause to others or damage to their vehicle or damage they cause to others’ vehicles including theft and damage to personal property. All guests are required to read and sign an assumption of risk & damages statement, a liability waiver holding VIP Adventure harmless prior to the start of the VIP Adventure itinerary.

14. Rental or use of vehicle contract: All guests participate in a VIP Adventure vehicle orientation session. The orientation session will cover all aspects of the vehicle including how to safely operate the vehicle and local laws. During the VIP Adventure guests are responsible to stay within the operating guidelines and laws outlined in the orientation session. Violation of the guidelines or laws can result in guests being removed from the VIP Adventure at their own cost without reimbursement. All guests are required to read, understand, & sign a "Rental or Use of Vehicle Contract” that explains their responsibility for the safe and appropriate use of the vehicle.

15. Driver's License: Drivers on VIP Adventure tours must hold a valid driver’s licence and are responsible to ensure that they hold any other driver’s licence endorsement that is required before they arrive on their tour.

  • Can-Am Maverick: VIP Adventure tours on Maverick do not require drivers to have any specific driver’s license endorsement.

  • Ski-Doo: VIP Adventure tours on Ski-Doo do not require drivers to have any specific driver’s license endorsement.

  • Can-Am Spyder: VIP Adventure tours on Spyder require a Spyder driver’s license endorsement to all destinations with the exception of tours in Nevada. VIP Adventure tours in Nevada only requires drivers to have a car driver’s license.

For further information please feel free to contact VIP Adventure via email: Team@VIP-Adventure.com