Personalized expeditions worldwide!

Your VIP Adventure experience is designed to the highest standards of excellence. 

We believe that:

  • Your safety is non-negotiable

  • An authentic cultural experience is essential:  you’ll do what local people do and you’ll go where local people go

  • Powersport vehicles are fantastic tools for you to access truly outstanding and remote playgrounds

  • You deserve the very best equipment, guides, & support staff

  • Real-time flexibility and adaptability of your itinerary is a must

  • A small private group is the best way to optimize your travel experience

Choose your VIP Adventure:

Explore Amazing Brazil

in a Can-Am Maverick


Available: September to June

This adventure fulfills those in need of cool rides, as well as those who may just want to relax on the vast sandy beaches. And for the folks who enjoy both, well, each day you'll have a difficult choice to make.


Explore Quebec 

The Birthplace of North America

on Can-Am Spyder


Available: 1 June - 30 September 2019

From historic Quebec City, to the deep-wooded forests of Charlevoix, you’ll explore the birthplace of North America and be intoxicated by the vast, stunning landscapes and charmed by the hospitality and warmth of the people you’ll encounter.

  • Accommodations & Meals

  • Small Private Groups

          4 Drivers minimum

  • Premium Fleet of BRP Vehicles

  • Internationally Experienced Guides

  • Expertly Planned Routes & Breath-taking Scenery

  • Off-the-Beaten-Track Exploration

  • Connecting with Remote Communities

  • Access to Rare Cultural Events 

  • Dynamic, Flexible Itinerary

  • Adaptable to Challenge Riders of all Levels

Explore the Canadian Wilderness

on Ski-Doo


Available: 15 December 2019 - 31 March 2020

The serious thrill seeker in you will come out to play in this magnificent snow sculpted landscape. Weave your way through the thick old-growth forests, climb tracks and cross frozen lakes. When not on the Ski-Doo you'll also experience the regions' rich French Canadian culture.

Explore the Amazon

on Sea-Doo


Available: September to June

The gigantic & biodiverse Amazon River delta will be yours to explore. While riding up the many rivers you'll discover the jaw-dropping beauty of mother nature and the richness of the Brazilian culture by encounters with the friendly people that live deep in the the world's most famous jungle.

Explore the Canadian Rockies

on Can-Am Spyder


Available: 1 June - 30 September 2019

Experience Mother Nature on a truly gigantic scale! You’ll ride your Spyder into the iconic Canadian Rockies, an enormous and diverse ecosystem that is the natural habitat of bears, wolverines, mountain goats, and moose. You'll be in awe at nature's beauty and charmed by the authentic down-home Western culture.


  • Training Personalized to Each Rider's Skill Level

  • Route Security & Safety Plans

  • Off the Beaten Track Exploration

  • Connect with Remote Communities

  • Access Authentic Cultural Experiences

  • Dynamic, Flexible Itinerary

  • Routes Adaptable to Challenge Riders of all Levels

  • Customization Options (duration, additional activities etc)

  • ...and Much More!









I will remember this fantastic experience forever! I'll be back with my family! Everything was wonderful!




This experience has cemented lifelong friendships with all my fellow adventurers and the wonderful guides that took us on the expedition. I’m already planning other trips!


You'll experience the thrill of powersport based adventures in the world’s most iconic and exotic destinations. We make it all happen for you and your private group of friends or family.

Your VIP Adventure is tailored for you, the intrepid traveller and powersport fan. Secure in the hands of our highly skilled guides, you’ll have an immersive powersport experience.  

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider, you’ll create unforgettable memories! 

Your adventure begins now!


Our Team

Our team is composed of highly skilled and passionate riders. We rode over 1 million miles, through 8 different countries, all on Skidoo, SeaDoo, Spyder, and SSV . Highly experienced guides and instructors, we’re dedicated to using our expertise to give you the ability to explore some of the world’s most unique and interesting locations in pursuit of your dream adventure. ​

Our Purpose

Provide EXCLUSIVE powersport adventures in iconic and exotic locations on premium machines creating your once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 

Our Values

The highest standards of quality, safety, authenticity, mutual respect and flexibility are non-negotiable. Those are our core values that shape who we are and impact all of our daily decisions.



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